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Executive leadership are the doorkeepers of corporate strategies. The onus of running day to day activities and reporting progress back to the board and analysts naturally falls on them. Analysts process information fed to it by executive leadership to make revenue projections as well as prescriptive recommendations for top leadership to sign off.

There’s however a disconnect between formulated strategies and their operational execution. It’s also the reason why businesses find themselves scrambling to meet goals and deadlines set for achieving strategic outcomes. While management skills are required to align operations with strategic plans, KPI reports are required throughout the lifetime of any plan to keep things grounded.

The problem with KPI reporting is that the various measurement tools used by enterprises are outside the ERP system. Data from marketing automation tools, web analytics platforms and social listening tools typically reside in their respective silos and need to be compiled together by IT. IT support becomes an ongoing chore when decision makers demand them routinely.

Unfortunately, compiling data is anything but straightforward. Each data source behaves like an electrical appliance from each part of the world that requires a special power adaptor. IT needs to put it all together in a uniform fashion to get it working. Date formats, currency values, time stamps, product categories, product dimensions and everything else needs to be consistent.

The harsh reality of the IT world is that we have miles to go before we all agree to a universally agreed data management format.

Even a single non-conformity in the compiled data would mean –

  • Average deal size is inaccurate
  • Average sales gestation period is inaccurate
  • Sales forecasts become unreliable
  • Customer retention figures are erroneous
  • Like-for-Like sales are as good as anybody’s guess
  • Capital expenditure figures are a total poof!

IT passes on its data wrangling woes to decision makers in a “If I am going down, I am taking everybody with me” fashion. Only in this case they are doing it unwittingly. They already have donkey’s years worth of tasks on their plate where they wrangle with millions of rows of raw data for each KPI report.

For corporate performance to be closely aligned with business strategy, decision makers need access to insights at the precise moment when they are needed. DataScout is a snug fit for every decision-making moment. DataScout is a top of the line self-service business intelligence tool.

Clever algorithms and machine learning code sorts data in real-time so decision makers can put their best foot forward. Nobody needs to code anything, DataScout is ready to give insights straight out of the box. Users can just point and click on dashboards to get insights delivered on their fingertips, literally.

DataScout makes sense of all the data and puts business users in control of how they want to consume insights – pie charts, scatter plot, bar charts and custom plotting. It’s all there.

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