HR Analytics: People Science for Better Recruitment & Higher Retention

Employees are the foundation on which organisations are built. Measuring their performance and complementing their skills with training & tools

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Democratizing Supply Chain Intelligence for Better Supply Chain Management

Businesses can get the best out of their supply chains if they can clearly comprehend the interplay between three major components

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Business Intelligence: The Catalyst for Profitable Customer Relationships

It’s a mad rush out there for acquiring new customers and retaining the ones you already have. Let your guard down and you’ll lose them to the

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Data Visualization Tools Have Taught You to Walk, Now It’s Time to Run

Earlier this year Gartner predicted that the worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics market is slated to touch Read More

Delivering Better and Profitable Financial Services With Self-Service BI

Financial services organizations are one of the biggest beneficiaries of big data technologies. An Read More

Augmenting ERP Analysis with Self-Service BI

Optimal utilization of resources is the cornerstone of business performance. The Chief Procurement Officer often relies on ERP systems to ensure th

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Surpass Productivity Goals & Achieve Total Data Utilization with Self-Service BI

There has been a continental shift in the amount of data businesses can tap into for fortune changing insights. This treasure trove of data comes i

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On-Demand Analytics Is The Stuff Dollar Dreams Are Made Of

There is no facet of modern human existence that is untouched by technological innovation. As dwellers of the information age, we are at the junctu

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Self-Service BI | Aligning Corporate Performance with Business Strategy

Executive leadership are the doorkeepers of corporate strategies. The onus of running day to day activities and reporting progress

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Automating Data Wrangling to Simplify Marketing for Marketers

Besides black art, there is only automation and mechanization.

(Federico Garcia Lorca)

The fact that

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