Data Visualization Tools Have Taught You to Walk, Now It’s Time to Run

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Excel Problems: Bulk Transformation Pains

Raw data is the raw material data analysts use to produce insights for decision makers. As with any raw material, raw data needs to be prep

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10 Excel Limitations that Make True Business Intelligence Impossible

Excel is a ubiquitous tool anyone with access to a laptop can start using. Even if one is a novice there is no shortage of resources available onli

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It’s About Time Businesses Got Off Their Excel Crutches

Excel spreadsheets are a live saver for –

  • Sales executives who want to record customer information and activity
  • Keeping

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Automating Data Wrangling to Simplify Marketing for Marketers

Besides black art, there is only automation and mechanization.

(Federico Garcia Lorca)

The fact that

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Data Wrangling | Overcoming the Biggest Business Intelligence Obstacle

“Data Science is 99% preparation, 1% misinterpretation.” – @BigDataBorat

The most time consuming aspect o

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